Educators and Youth Acknowledge Results

Translated in 17 languages, the Youth for Human Rights booklets present the 30 human rights in simple text.

Feedback from students and educators around the world, on the implementation of Youth for Human Rights educational programs and materials:

Well done. Video is powerful and heartfelt. After watching it I am rearranging my entire course work and lesson plans to have it as the central theme of my human services program this September.
—Educator, Canada

I received the Bringing Human Rights to Life Package and it has been incorporated into the grade 10 social studies curriculum.
—Educator, Canada   

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful package I have just received, informing us about our rights and the not so wonderful things going on in the world. Congratulations on your FANTASTIC work in human rights! I am a 13-year-old boy going to an international school in France and I am wondering if there is anything I can do or any group I can join to be able to reinforce human rights as a child. I want to work in human rights when I am older and open the heart and the eyes of the world. Please let me know how I can help.
—Youth from France

The community is really responding well to this education as there were no other organizations which embarked on human rights education. Most human rights organizations in my country are only watchdogs who just report on human rights abuses but rarely teach or enlighten the community about knowing their rights. It’s my view that if a person knows his/her rights then he/she will be able to defend and claim those rights. I further believe that to get rid of human rights violations, we have to find the right cause of these violations, which is ignorance of one’s human rights. So education is the best solution. Thank you.
—Educator, Zambia

The students really loved the freestyle rap video (Human Rights Are Protected by the Law). The What Are Human Rights? DVD was really good and they really loved the UNITED track. Personally, I think the resources are brilliant, contemporary and relevant! I love using them and the kids enjoy being taught about human rights through them. And if I need any resources I will be sure to contact you! Once again many thanks.
—Educator, Great Britain

I would like to pass a word of gratitude to you and your team. Thank you for the package you have sent, especially the DVD. I have found it very interesting and more than just helpful. A number of people have enjoyed and praised the presentation. It was very thoughtful to promote the message of human rights in that manner—the setting is incredible. Most people would not want to watch a long, formal presentation of human rights. Your DVD gives an understanding of human rights in a practical manner. Thank you very much, I have also learnt a lot.
—Educator, South Africa

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