History of Youth for Human Rights International

Youth for Human Rights International reaches young people wherever they gather—in schools, colleges, or right at home.
Addressing the Issue of Human Trafficking

YHRI has helped raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking or “modern-day slavery,” a type of crime that now affects an estimated 27 million people worldwide, mostly women and children. Since 2003, YHRI has held a number of seminars and roundtables on human trafficking, including one in Los Angeles attended by a representative of the US Department of Justice and another at Cape Coast in Ghana—on the very site where, until two centuries ago, hundreds of Africans were imprisoned in filthy dungeons before being transported as slaves to the Americas and Europe.

YHRI—Partnering in the Fight for Human Rights

YHRI is an independent and secular nonprofit corporation registered in the US. YHRI collaborates and partners with like-minded secular and faith-based organizations to expand globally. It has therefore worked with many organizations through the years (click here for YHRI Collaborators page).

Due to the success of various YHRI campaigns, government officials have begun integrating YHRI educational materials into their programs. The National Human Rights Commission of Mexico has adopted the programs, which they regard as valuable resources in overcoming human rights abuses suffered by youth in their country.

YHRI is especially grateful to the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International, which has contributed invaluable assistance in helping produce and print or publish many of our educational materials and helping disseminate the materials to the public along with joining YHRI for occasional public education events.